Planning Permits

What Do Planning Permits Do?

  • Ensure that any new 'use' or 'development' of land within our Shire is appropriate under the Glenelg Planning Scheme.
  • Use means how the land is used e.g. residential, farming, etc.
  • Development means what is constructed on the land.
  • Consider the impact of any development on the local environment.

What the Planning Officer can advise

Council’s Planning Officer will be able to explain the planning scheme provisions and policy requirements that relate to the proposed development. There may be special conditions that apply to the area, including heritage and vegetation controls. Dependant on the level of information provided by the applicant, the Planning Officer should be able to provide an explanation of the likely planning issues that may arise from the development concept.

What the Planning Officer cannot advise

Every application needs to be considered on its merits and assessed against the provisions of the Planning and Environment Act 1987, the Glenelg Planning Scheme, and relevant State and local policies. So while the Planning Officer can provide guidance on the potential issues and overall direction in preparing the application, they cannot provide a definitive ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ answer at this stage.

Council’s Planning Officer is not in a position to offer an alternative to obtaining relevant, independent professional advice in the preparation of a detailed permit application.


Do your plans need a permit?

You may need to apply for a planning permit if your plans propose to:

  • Open a new business
  • Construct a house, or multiple houses
  • Construct a garage/carport/shed
  • Erect and display signs
  • Implement industrial or commercial buildings and site works
  • Alter external treatments on a building, or apply internal alterations on select buildings, within our Heritage Overlays (LINK)
  • Subdivide land and/or buildings, or
  • Remove or lop native vegetation, such as native trees, shrubs and grasses, including dead native trees

Advertised Planning Applications

An advertised planning application is a planning permit lodged with Council that does not yet have approval. It is on exhibition for public viewing. Comments / objections can be submitted for consideration. See the current applications on notice.

Heritage Places

For more information on Heritage Places visit our Heritage Service page.

Bushfire Planning Resources

The Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning website contains Bushfire Planning Resources to enable an assessment and submission of your application under the Bushfire Management Overlay.

Guidelines for Preparation of a Landscape Plan

A planning permit application may require that a landscape plan is provided.

Council has prepared guidelines to assist in the preparation of these plans(PDF, 10MB) . Please ensure that the appropriate Ecological Vegetation Class (EVC) is used when selecting appropriate species and for weed management purposes.