Applying for a Building Permit

The Victorian Building Authority (VBA) have put out reference notes for a variety of issues that arise regarding building permits, but if you are unsure when you require a building permit please check the Victorian Building Authority (VBA) Practice Note - When is a building permit required?

Building or Planning Permit?

Planning and Building Permits are different permits and have different purposes. A Planning Permit is for the development and use of the property and any construction and may not always be needed where a building permit is generally always required when constructing, altering, extending or demolishing a building.

It is highly recommended that you contact Council prior to commencing any building works to ensure that you get the correct information prior to lodging an application.

NOTE: If a Planning is required, the Planning Permit has to be issued before the building permit can be issued. Applications for both Planning and Building permits can be applied for at the same time and assessed concurrently.

Property Information Request Including Drainage 2021-2022

When you sell your property or are purchasing a property you may require Building permit information to ensure all building works on the property and have been issued either a Certificate of Final Inspection or Occupancy Permit ensuring all works are compliant with the Building Act 1993.

Should you require this information or access to building plans or legal point of discharge information please use the Property Information Request form(PDF, 180KB) . The relevant fee is listed next to the item required and can be paid when submitting your completed form which should be accompanied by a copy of the property title or written permission from the owner allowing access to the information.