Trawler Wharf

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Portland supplies nearly 40% of Victoria's wet-landed fish (worth around $30 million) and is an integral hub for the fishing industry operating in the Bass Strait and the Southern Ocean.

The Trawler Wharf

The Wharf is 268m long and can berth around nine vessels, which can be up to 300 tonnes. The wharf is reserved for the commercial fishing industry but occasionally hosts other ships for special events, exceptional circumstances, or emergencies.   Please refer to Apply for a Berth for more information. 


Floating Pontoons

  • Separate floating pontoons berths (15) parallel to the wharf, which accommodates smaller vessels up to 20m.
  • An average depth ranges from 4.7m - 5m alongside the sheet-piled section of the wharf.

Access, Utilities, and Parking

  • The capability of parking multiple semi-trailers and B Double trailers alongside the fishing vessels
  • Accessible from the main road 24/7
  • Amenities Block located at Trawler Wharf
  • Electricity, Water, and Waste collection are noted in the Fees & Charges schedule below.

Fees and Charges

The Local Port also berths oil/gas rig tenders, tugs, tall ships, patrol boats, and other types of vessels. You can view a list of the current Trawler Wharf Fees(PDF, 33KB) from our Annual budget page.