Long Day Care

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Glenelg Shire Council understands the value of family, especially your little ones. Our long day care programs empower children to develop and use essential life skills through play and social interaction. Check out the information below for more information about our programs and resources.


You can find out more about our current Session Times and Fees in this fact sheet.
Our fees are reviewed annually, in accordance with the Council’s Fees and Charges Policy.

Our Centres

Glenelg Shire Council offers long day care in Casterton, Dartmoor and Portland.


Kathleen Millikan Centre

Address: 1-7 Jackson St, Casterton, VIC 3311
Phone: 1300 453 635


Dartmoor Children's Centre

Address: 134 Lang St, Dartmoor, VIC 3304
Phone: 1300 453 635 


Karreeta Peenyeet Mara – Portland Child and Family Complex

Address: 94 Julia St, Portland, VIC 3305
 1300 453 635 

Other Services

Good Start Early Learning Centre – privately run

Address: 49-53 Wellington Rd, Portland, VIC 3305

Phone: (03) 5521 1433 

Heywood Early Learning Centre – privately run

Address: 39 Hunter St, Heywood, VIC 3304
Phone: (03) 5527 1118

Our Programs

Our programs encourage children to learn through play and intentional teaching. Our curriculum is stimulating, enriching and inclusive for children.

We aim to meet the needs of each individual and value their contribution to our service. It is our goal to nurture each child’s self-esteem, creativity, sense of belonging and growth.

We know that family is key to a child's development and the starting point of service delivery. So we encourage open communication between families, children and staff.

Care and education are the foundation of our programs. Our qualified and skilled educators follow the guidelines of the National Quality Framework and the Victorian Early Years and Development Frameworks for children aged from eight weeks to twelve years.

The long day care program operates extended hours to provide support to families. It provides a safe environment where children can play, learn and grow in their early years of life.

Children are able to attend the service full time, part time or casually, depending on the needs of the family and availability.

Vacancy Enquiries

Glenelg Shire Council opens their enrolment period for long day care services each year in September for the following year. Enrolments can still be submitted after the closing date however, may be placed on the waiting list.

For information about current vacancies at Karreeta Peeneeyt Mara - Portland Child and Family Complex, Dartmoor Children's Centre or the Kathleen Millikan Centre Casterton please email childrenservicesenquiry@glenelg.vic.gov.au.

Staff will email you instructions on how to enrol and once your completed enrolment has been received staff will check for vacancies. If we do not have any vacancies that fit your needs, we will place you on a waiting list. Children’s Services staff will contact you when we are able to offer a vacancy.

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