The Portland Lifeboat

Image of Blue white and brown lifeboat with wooden oar.

 Lifeboat ‘Portland’, was built in 1858 at Williamstown. It has been conserved, making it the oldest, most intact, self-righting shore-based lifeboat in the world. The boat and her crew were responsible for saving a total of 43 lives.

Explore the Portland Lifeboat in 3D here!

You can see the Portland Lifeboat in person at the Maritime Museum in Portland.
Other exhibits in the museum include a functioning lighthouse lens; a Paper Mache replica of a 5.7 metre Great White Shark caught of Portland in 1982; model ships; and other displays documenting wreck and rescue, underwater exploration, Portland’s early fishing industry and the development of the modern port.

Guided tours of the museum can be booked through the Visitor Information Centre.

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