Accounts Payable

Council works hard to ensure that your invoices get paid on time. To help us achieve this goal, please email all Glenelg Shire Council invoices through to our Accounts Payable team on

Your invoice needs to comply with all of the mandatory information required for a Tax/Invoice, as well as quote our Purchase Order number.

EftSure Vendor Verification System

Council understands that cyber crime is increasing, and is taking steps to implement additional processes to safeguard your data and our payments.

Council have introduced a new system for verifying the details of our Vendors/Suppliers at Glenelg Shire Council.  This system is called EFTsure.

This system strengthens Council’s internal control processes, and helps to ensure payments are made to the intended recipient.  EFTsure ensures that payments are made to the intended recipients by providing Council with an independent verified database of payee information and real-time alerts if any payee information is incorrect..

As a result, every Vendor that is setup in Council’s Vendor Master File will be verified before Council can conduct business with them through Council’s onboarding process.

About EFTsure

EFTsure is an independent, real-time, continuous controls monitoring system designed to manage supplier data.

Supplier data provided during onboarding is verified by EFTsure to ensure that only legitimate information is entered into our finance system.

The system is robust and recognised for protecting supplier payments against fraud and error by validating ABN, GST registration status and bank account details to ensure payments are made to the intended recipient.

EFTSure onboarding for existing suppliers

Our Vendor Masterfile will be analysed by the EFTsure system and approximately 70-80% of our existing Vendors will be immediately verified.

For the remaining 20-30% of Vendors, that are not immediately verified, they will go through a verification process where they will have their details verified by EFTsure.

If you're a supplier and you've received an email from EFTsure sent on behalf of Council, you can visit the supplier verification portal on the eftsure website and enter the 10-character reference from the email invitation before you proceed with confirming your details.

Keeping your details up to date

When your Vendor account details have been verified, it is then the Vendor’s responsibility to ensure that their details remain up to date.  Please notify our Accounts Payable team immediately if your details change, or if you notice any discrepancies.

Please contact our Accounts Payable team if you wish to update your details by email on