Mobility Map


The Glenelg Shire Council Mobility Map provides information about access and public facilities for people with limited mobility. This includes parking and public toilets by township.

Changing Places

Changing Places provide suitable facilities for people who cannot use standard accessible toilets.

These public toilets include an adult sized change table, ceiling hoist, a peninsular toilet, privacy screen and additional circulation space to meet the needs of people with complex disabilities and their carers.

Accessing keys for Changing Places

The Master Locksmiths Access Key (MLAK) system allows people with disability access to dedicated public facilities, including facilities in National Parks and many Council municipalities, elevators at railway stations, the new Changing Places facilities throughout Australia, disabled toilets that are locked, and even the Liberty Swing.  

People with a disability are able to purchase an MLAK key that will open all toilets, playground equipment and other facilities fitted with a lock that uses the special MLAK cylinder. 

Victorian Companion Card holders are entitled to one free MLAK key. To redeem your free key, click on the link:  

If you are not a Companion Card holder, you can still order a key at a cost by providing evidence of need. To order a key, click on this link: