Changes to the Payment of the Government Levy

Updates to Government Levy Collection
There have been changes to the process of issuing of Building Permits and collection of the Government Levy. All building permits issued within Victoria will have numbers issued by the Victorian Building Authority.

Due to the new permit processing Council, will no longer be collecting the government levy as part of the building permit application process.

What You Need To Do
Submit all documentation together to ensure that your building permit is processed quickly. This will enable Council to lodge your application details with the Victorian Building Authority (VBA).

VBA Issues Invoice and Permit Number
The VBA will then forward an invoice for payment of the government levy to the nominated entity (owner/builder/ applicant if different to owner).

Once the levy has been paid the VBA will forward the allocated permit number to Council for issuing all permit documentation relevant to the application.

Any delays in payment of the Government levy or submission of all relevant documentation will impact the issuing time of the permit from Council as Council can’t issue a permit until the permit number is received from the VBA.

For more information read the VBA Fact sheet.(PDF, 2MB)