Roads and Potholes

Glenelg Shire Council (GSC) is responsible for around 2,580 km of local roads, which must be maintained to a safe and trafficable condition for the public.

The roads within the Shire are divided into two main categories - arterial roads (428km), which are managed by VicRoads, and municipal roads which are managed by Council.

The Council’s Road Management Plan  establishes a management framework for all works and services that are undertaken and provided on Council's Road network. This plan demonstrates the steps to be taken by Glenelg Shire to inspect and maintain the condition of its road related assets within the resource capacity of the municipality.

How do I know if a road is managed by VicRoads or Council?

Vic Roads

VicRoads is the authority responsible for managing the arterial road network within the Shire, which includes all roads classified as "highways" and "main roads".

Residents are encouraged to directly register any issues relating to VicRoads managed Roads 


What roads are managed by Vic Roads?

State managed roads are defined and accessible here.

Alternatively, you can review via Council's Road Register below or review the following list VicRoads Roads list.

Arterial Highways

  • Princes Highway from Moyne SC Boundary to SA Border;
  • Glenelg Highway from Southern Grampians SC Boundary to SA Border; and
  • Henty Highway from Southern Grampians SC Boundary to Heywood and from Princes Highway to the Port of Portland.


Arterial Main Roads

  • Portland Nelson Road 
  • Woolsthorpe Heywood Road 
  • Bridgewater Road 
  • Casterton Edenhope Road 
  • Casterton Apsley Road 
  • Casterton Penola Road
  • Dartmoor Hamilton Road
  • Condah Coleraine Road
  • Tyrendarra-Ettrick Road
  • Madeira Packet Road
  • Myamyn Macarthur Road
  • Portland Casterton Road 


Glenelg Shire Road Register

Council maintains asset registers of roads, roadways, pathways, road infrastructure or road related infrastructure for which Council is the responsible road authority. Under the requirements of the Road Management Act, Council must publish a register of public roads of which it is the coordinating road authority.

The register of public roads published by the Glenelg Shire Council only contains the names of public roads that are under the care and maintenance of the Shire. 

The road register is not a list of all the roads Council owns. It is a list of the all the roads Council will manage in accordance with the Road Management Plan.

Access the Glenelg Shire Road Register(PDF, 323KB) .


When will Glenelg Shire be grading my road?

Our maintenance grading program aims to maintain the condition of unsealed roads to a safe standard that prolongs the life of the road and avoids costly intervention.

Additionally, unsealed roads that require a higher level of maintenance are re-sheeted with a layer of new gravel / road base material to renew the road surface.

If the road is a gravel / road base road you can look up the month when it is scheduled to be graded here.