Asset Protection

An Asset Protection Permit is required prior for building works being undertaken to ensure no damage occurs to Council infrastructure.

It is the Owner or Builder’s responsibility to ensure that infrastructure assets are protected and not damaged as a result of any building construction works on the site. Council infrastructure assets include anything outside the property boundary such as:

  • Footpaths.
  • Stormwater Drains and Pits.
  • Kerb and Channel.
  • Street Trees.
  • Signs.

An Asset Protection Permit will protect the owner of the site against paying for damage to our assets that existed prior to the commencement of the building works.

Fees and Charges for Financial Year 2022-23

  • $132.20 Permit Fee
  • $800.00 Security Bond (refundable)

The security bond will be refunded provided there has not been any additional damage to Council infrastructure assets on completion of the works.

Building Works

An Asset Protection Permit is required for any Building Construction works and also requires a bond for projects over $20,000.00 or involving:

  • Demolition works.
  • Building relocations and house removal.
  • Fencing on a boundary to a public place.
  • Construction of a swimming pool.
  • Excavations.



An Asset Protection Permit must be obtained a minimum of seven (7) days prior to the commencement of any works to enable our Infrastructure Officer to undertake an inspection and for the owner and builder to receive a copy of the permit.