Autism 'Quiet Hour'

‘Quiet Hour’ promotes an understanding of Autism in the community and assists in providing a sensory friendly experience for individuals or family members with Autism.

The following businesses across the Shire participate in ‘Quiet Hour’, continuing the initiative each Tuesday throughout the year.

  • Portland Guardian Pharmacy 73 Percy Street, Portland
  • Daly's Supa IGA 22-24 Percy Street, Portland
  • Sports & All 96 Henty Street, Casterton


Thank you to the following businesses across the Shire that participated in the ‘Quiet Hour’ initiative every Tuesday throughout April from 10:30am-11:30am. Your support was appreciated by so many local community members and visitors.

  • Glenelg Shire Council Customer Service Centres in Portland, Heywood and Casterton
  • Portland Library 32 Bentinck Street, Portland
  • Portland Arts Centre 4A Glenelg Street, Portland
  • Murrell's Shoe Shop 84 Henty Street, Casterton
  • Richardson Butchery 83 Henty Street, Casterton
  • Kezza's Fish Bowl 85 Henty Street, Casterton
  • All Sorts of Casterton 89 Henty Street, Casterton


If you are a business in the Glenelg Shire and would like to participate in Quiet Hour, 10.30am - 11.30am each Tuesday throughout the year,  please contact  5522 2254 or email