Local Port of Portland Bay

image of Local Port of Portland Bay

Portland Bay has a long history and is part of the identity of the town of Portland. Located within it is the Local Port of Portland Bay, which is managed by Glenelg Shire Council.

The Local Port of Portland Bay boasts various facilities and attractions, and is currently made up of:

  • Town Jetty
  • Boat Ramp South.
  • Boat Ramp North.
  • Trawler Wharf (commercial fishing wharf).
  • Swing Moorings and Aids to Navigation.
  • Transit Jetty.
  • Portland Bay Marina.
  • Swimming Pontoon.

Boat Ramps

Local Port Boat Ramp There are two boat ramps in Local Port: Boat Ramp South and Boat Ramp North.

Boat Ramp South

This facility has:

  • A 4 lane ramp
  • Designated parking for around 26 vehicles and trailers

Boat Ramp North

This state of the art facility has:

  • A 4 lane ramp
  • 8 fish cleaning tables
  • A fish weigh station
  • A boat and trailer wash down area
  • Fish waste bins
  • Purpose-built designated parking for 70 vehicles and trailers
  • Overflow trailer parking area for around 100 vehicles and trailers

There are five permitted operators for the fish weigh station:

Trawler Wharf

Trawler WharfPortland supplies nearly 40% of Victoria's wet-landed fish (worth around $30 million) and is an integral hub for the fishing industry operating in the Bass Strait and the Southern Ocean.

The Trawler Wharf is 268m long and can berth around nine vessels, which can be up to 300 tonnes. The wharf is reserved for the commercial fishing industry but occasionally hosts other ships for special events, exceptional circumstances, or emergencies. 

Additionally, the wharf has:

  • Separate floating pontoons berths (15) parallel to the wharf, which accommodates smaller vessels up to 20m.
  • An average depth ranging from 4.7m - 5m alongside the sheet piled section of wharf.
  • The capability of parking multiple semi-trailers and B Double trailers alongside the fishing vessels

The Local Port also berths oil/gas rig tenders, tugs, tall ships, patrol boats, and other types of vessels. You can view a list of the current Trawler Wharf Fees(PDF, 33KB) from our Annual budget page.


Swing Moorings

Swing Moorings The Local Port of Portland Bay currently has six swing moorings available and a further three aids to navigation.

There are no swing moorings available for visitors.

Portland Bay Marina

Local Port Portland Bay Marina

The Portland Bay Marina is a floating marina for commercial and recreational vessels, which opened to the public on 2 April 2013. The marina contains approximately 104 berths, has full-time CCTV and provides power and water to every berth.

The marina regularly accommodates vessels between 5m-18m in length, but can also (depending on the weather) hold larger visiting boats up 30m long and weighing 60 tonnes.

Before visiting, please contact Local Port management on (03) 5522 2140 to determine suitable berthing location.

Please visit our Annual Budgets page for a list of fees for the Portland Bay Marina(PDF, 33KB) and see our plan of the Portland Bay Marina with depths(PDF, 9MB).

Town Jetty

The Town Jetty was completed in 2021, and was a $1.5 million project funded by the State Government.

The project has seen the former popular Jetty reinstated with a 175-metre-long floating pontoon. The new-look facility now provides all abilities access, designated recreational fishing pontoons, seating, lighting and an expansive width of 3.3 metres for promenading and general leisure.


Berthing Forms and Permits


  • Do you have any designated visitor’s berths?

Yes, we have multiple berths and pens available for visitors.

  • What type of berths do you have available?

We have approx. 104 modern floating pontoon pens or berths.

  • What depth of water do you have within your Marina?

The Portland Bay Marina visitors’ berths have between 4.0-4.5 meters depth.


  • Is there power & water provided?

Yes, all berths are fully serviced with Power and water. There is no extra charges for these utilities.

  • Is fuel available?

Fuel is available by bunkering only. This can be arranged by calling the fuel provider. Please contact the Local Port for contact details.

  • Do you have showers and amenities available?

Toilets are provided within the Maritime Discovery Centre and showers can be arranged. Please contact the Local Port for contact details.

  • What are you berthing rates?


  • Is there security within your Marina?

Yes, the Portland Bay Marina has constant CCTV and public access gates area closed between 4:00-5:00pm each day.

  • How do I get access to the berths?

The Portland Bay Marina operates with both access fobs and digital pin codes. Please contact the Local Port for contact details.