Educating about Waste and Recycling

Education is very important for resource recovery. It is used to inform the community on how to avoid waste and the best practices towards resource recovery.

The way that we value what we throw away has been rapidly changing. Gone are the days that we throw our rubbish in the bin, or at the “tip” to be buried and never seen again. The focus has now changed to still getting value from the things we no longer want or need.

We all need to consider the best way to treat the items we no longer want. The Victorian Government has recently released a policy on creating a circular economy. Glenelg Shire Council works with various stakeholders to empower the community to avoid waste and make the right choices to improve resource recovery to achieve this goal.


Barwons South West Waste and Resource Recovery Group

The Barwons South West Waste and Resource Recovery Group (BSWWRRG) is the regional group focused on implementing education programs and other initiatives to reduce waste and to implement best practice for kerbside waste collections and transfer stations. The Group consists of representatives from State Government and from the nine local councils that make up the Barwon South West region.

For more information about the group or their initiatives, you can follow them on Facebook or visit the BSWWRRG website.

Zero Waste Map

Many items can still be recycled, reused or repaired even though they are not accepted in your kerbside recycling bin.

A Zero Waste map has been developed for the region by the Barwon South West Waste and Resource Recovery Group.

The map highlights local organisations who provide goods and services that reduce materials going to landfill.
The map can be searched by council area and by category. Categories include:

  • Recycle
  • Repair
  • Donate
  • Borrow, Share and Hire
  • Sustainable shopping
  • Find services
  • Connect to Community
  • Learn to

If you are a charity, community group, social enterprise, cooperative, company, private business or government agency providing these goods or services please register now.

Registration is free, head to the map by clicking here.

If you would like help registering or need further information about the map please email


With over 760,000 tonnes of waste produced in the Barwon South West each year, it has become clear that action must be taken.
This is why Glenelg Shire Council, alongside other councils in the region, have recently launched the Buy Recycled campaign, encouraging our community to make the switch from single use materials to consciously purchasing products made from recycled material.

We hope our campaign will help to establish a circular economy, a new economic system that aims to minimise waste and the environmental impact of consumption by instead turning these materials into renewable resources!
You can discover businesses stocking materials near you as well as other great sources of information by visiting our website, You can also support our campaign by liking and following us on Facebook and Instagram.
And most importantly, ask, look, buy recycled!