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The Glenelg Shire Council Arts Program presents a diverse series of exhibitions each year in the Portland Arts Centre.

In addition, a range of exhibitions, specifically designed to display aspects of Council’s Cultural Collection, are presented annually in a number of different venues including the History House Portland and the Casterton Town Hall.

For further details of these exhibitions, go to our Cultural Collection page.

The exhibitions in the Portland Arts Centre are normally on display for four to six weeks, and predominantly feature the work of local artists. However, from time to time, the exhibition program is also supplemented by the work of artists from outside the region, or touring exhibitions, some of which focus on social history rather than visual arts.

There are two linked exhibition spaces available in the venue:

The main CEMA Gallery is a relatively large L-shaped area, which also functions as the Foyer of the venue.

The Woolcock Gallery, a smaller adjoining room, named after Collin & Dorothy Woolcock, can be used as an extension of the CEMA Gallery, or alternatively, can be used as a separate, lockable exhibition space.

Both galleries have track lighting and provision for the display of both 2-D and 3-D art works.

CEMA Gallery & Foyer
Floor space: 104 sq. metres Linear space: 26 metres

Woolcock Gallery
Floor space: 39 sq. metres Linear space: 22 metres

Artists wishing to present an exhibition of their work are welcome to submit expressions of interest to the Arts & Culture Unit at the Portland Arts Centre:
Phone: 5522 2263, Email:

However, artists should note that the Portland Arts Centre is usually booked 12 months or more in advance.

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