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Domestic Wastewater Management Systems

Prior to any works commencing on installing or altering an onsite wastewater system within the Glenelg Shire an application has to be lodged with the Environmental Health Officer and relevant fee paid.

To ALTER an application or permit for an onsite wastewater is to change the type of onsite wastewater system being installed,

An AMENDMENT to an application or permit for an onsite wastewater is to change any other detail of the onsite wastewater system permit, for example: a plumber supplies an as constructed plan as it differs to the plan that was approved.

An assessment of the application with all relevant information and a site inspection carried out by Council's Environmental Health Officer ensuring the application meets the Environmental Protection Act 2017 and Environmental Protection Regulations 2021 requirements.

Regulation 27(2) states that Council has 42 business days to assess an application, if further information is requested the statutory clock stops until that information has been received by Council.

Once the application has been assessed and deemed satisfactory a PERMIT TO INSTALL will be issued to the applicant/owner and plumber.

A Permit to Install allows 2 years for the Onsite Wastewater System to be installed. If the system is not installed within this timeframe an application for RENEWAL must be received by Council prior to the permit expiring and the relevant fee paid.

The onsite wastewater system must not be used prior to a CERTIFICATE TO USE being issued by Council's Environmental Health Officer.

Once the system has been installed and the plumber has supplied to Council's Environmental Health Officer a Plumbing Industry Certificate of Compliance, the Environmental Health Officer will carry out a final inspection prior to issuing a Certificate to Use.

Documents to accompany an Application for an Onsite Wastewater System

  • Note: An application is unable to be accepted by Council if it does not contain all required information
  • A completed, signed application form
  • Certificate of conformance for the type of system being installed
  • Site plan showing all boundaries, buildings, driveways and waste water layout
  • Floor Plan of dwelling showing layout of rooms, number of bedrooms and plumbing exit points
  • Copy of Title and Title Plan
  • A copy of the Land Capability Assessment and/or site Soil Report
  • Planning Permit (if required)
  • Payment of relevant application fee

Statutory Fees for Onsite Wastewater Permits

Application for a Permit to Install an Onsite Wastewater System $734.70
Application for an Amendment to Wastewater System Permit (Major)* $559.00
Application for an Amendment to Wastewater System Permit (Minor)* $156.00
*Council will determine if the proposed amendment to the wastewater permit is of a minor or major nature.
Application to Transfer Owner/Plumber on an Onsite Wastewater Permit $149.20
Application to Renew an Onsite Wastewater Permit prior to expiry date $124.90
Application for Exemption from an Onsite Wastewater Permit $220.50
Request for copies of Onsite Wastewater permit and plans $103.50
Request for inspection of Onsite Wastewater $137.00

Wastewater Treatment Plants

These systems are generally referred to as secondary treatment systems as the quality of the effluent produced is of a higher quality than that produced from a septic tank. To achieve this higher quality standard, these systems usually require a higher level of maintenance as they rely on additional processes to assist in treating waste.

Types of Treatment Plants
There are many different types of wastewater treatment systems that are available. To help you decide on the best treatment system for you, the EPA Victoria website provides further information and links to the websites of approved waste-water treatment systems. If you are still not sure which system is the best for you, talk to your local plumber.

For further Information regarding Wastewater Treatment Systems, click here.

Wastewater Systems in Flood Affected Areas
If you live in a flood affected area and flood waters have affected your property, your wastewater system may also be affected. Please read this brochure for information on what to do with your system.

How to Look After Your Wastewater Treatment System
Your wastewater treatment system requires with regular maintenance to ensure it continues to operate correctly.

For information on maintaining your system, warning signs of a failing system please refer to your maintenance contract, service agreement or plumber.

Glenelg Shire Council Wastewater Management Plan

Glenelg Shire Council Wastewater Management Plan is currently under review.

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