Waste and Recycling Kerbside Collection

This page outlines the service for those who live within the designated collection areas.

If you are looking for the calendar for your address you will find that here.

Designated Areas 

The kerbside collection service is provided to all residents within the designated areas of each town, by a Contractor engaged by Glenelg Shire Council.

Click any link above to view the map of a given designated district area.

About our Kerbside Collection Service

Here are some details of the kerbside collection. If you wish to request the service use the link on the right.


The service can include a mix of: 

  • 120L waste bin collected weekly
  • 240L recycling bin collected fortnightly


Kerbside collection will incur fees over and above the standard Council Rates.

The 2021/2022 annual kerbside garbage charges are:

  • $173.50 (inc GST) per waste bin, and
  • $113.20 (inc GST) per recycle bin


The Victorian Government is changing the household waste collection process to improve recycling end-products. All Victorian Council's and Alpine Management Boards will move to a four stream collection system over the next several years.

To accommodate this, you will need four recycling bins in the near future:

• Stream 1: Bin for kerbside collection of waste
• Stream 2: Bin for co-mingled recycling
• Stream 3: Bin for FOGO (food organics + garden organics), and
• Stream 4: Bin for Glass You can also drop glass off at certain collection points around the Shire.

Step 1.Reform Timing

Glass service must begin by 2027, while the FOGO deadline is set for 2030.

Step 2.Glenelg Shire Implementation

Glenelg Shire Council is currently assessing when and how best introduce these new services. The response to the COVID-19 delayed the initial FOGO roll out, planned for 2020. This implementation will be developed into Council's service contract renewal that is due to expire in February 2023.

For more information on these reforms, visit the Victoria household waste website.

Live Outside a Designated Area?

Residents that do not receive Council's waste collection service may choose to have a collection service provided by a private contractor. Refer to the Telstra Yellow Pages for listings of Waste Collection Contractors.

Optional Kerbside Collection Service

While the service can not extend to every property within the Glenelg Shire, residents are encouraged to utilise the Optional Kerbside Collection Service where possible.

For further information on this service, see the Optional Kerbside Collection Service page.