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Councillor Code of Conduct

This Code, which incorporates the statutory requirements specified for a Code of Conduct in accordance with Section 76c of the Local Government Act 1989 (“The Act”), was adopted by resolution at a Special Council Meeting of the Glenelg Shire Council on 28 June 2017.

The Code is an agreed standard for Councillors about acceptable behaviour to help them deliver good governance with integrity, diligence and respect.

The Code:

•aims to foster good working relationships to enable Councillors to work together in the best interests of the local community; and
•sets out the standards of conduct required of Glenelg Shire's elected representatives to build and maintain public confidence in the integrity of Local Government.

The Act states a Councillor is not able to act as a Councillor until the person has:

•taken the Oath of Office; and
•read the Councillor Code of Conduct and made a written declaration that they will abide by the Code.

Code of Conduct Endorsement Page subsequent to General Election 22 October 2016

On Tuesday 14 February 2017 a Special Council Meeting was held to consider any necessary amendments to its Councillor Code of Conduct.

The revised Code of Councillor Conduct was adopted by Council on 14 February 2017 and in accordance with the provisions of Section 76C (6A) of the Local Government Act 1989, each Councillor made a declaration in writing, stating that they will abide by the Councillor Code of Conduct. These declarations were witnessed by the Chief Executive Officer.

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