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Emergency Kit Bag

Emergency Kit Checklist

A great edition to your emergency planning, this easy to see canvas bag is available free of charge to all Glenelg Shire residents.

This handy bag can hold many of your "ready to grab" items when you need to evacuate in an emergency situation.

Printed on the front is a comprehensive list of items that can often be forgotten in times of stress.

These bags are available at all Glenelg Shire Customer Service Centres.

What should I take in an emergency?

  • Money or bank cards
  • Important documents such as ID and personal contact list
  • Food and water
  • Medication and medical aids
  • Mobile phone, mobile devices and all chargers
  • First aid kit, pen and paper
  • Battery powered radio, torch and spare batteries
  • Personal clothing and toiletries
  • Protective clothing and blankets
  • Items for children and pets (If applicable)
  • Photos and Family memorabilia
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