Vulnerable Persons Register

The Vulnerable Persons Register (VPR) is a local list of people who may need consideration in an emergency. The register is maintained by agencies that provide personal care, support and case management services to people living in the community in partnership with Glenelg Shire Council.

What Type of Event will Activate the VPR?

Fire, flood, storm, heatwave, earthquake, explosion, terrorist act, accident, epidemic or warlike action which:

  • endangers, or threatens to endanger, the safety or health of persons or animals, or
  • destroys or damages, or threatens to destroy or damage, property; and
  • that may require a significant and co-ordinated response.

Who is a Vulnerable Person?

A vulnerable person is someone living in the community who is frail, and/or physically or cognitively impaired and unable to comprehend warnings and directions and/or respond in an emergency situation.

If you are aware of someone who is vulnerable and would need assistance in an emergency, please contact Glenelg Shire Council.