TAC Learner Permit L2P Program

The TAC L2P Program exists to help young learner drivers gain experience and confidence driving on Victorian roads. It is also an opportunity for young people to interact with positive adult roles models and a way for adults to give back to the community.

The TAC L2P Program is currently seeking eligible learner drivers who need help getting driving experience.

How does it work?

To participate in the program, you need to be a 16-21-year-old learner driver. If accepted, you will be matched with a fully-licensed volunteer driver who will spend the time to help you get as much driving practice as you need. Drivers and learners will need to spend a minimum of one hour per week.

Learner drivers will practice in a program-dedicated vehicle to achieve the mandatory 120+ hours of driving experience, and receive up to seven lessons with a professional driving instructor. However, the driving test cost is not covered by the program.

Please note that this program is not a driving school, but is here to assist learners that otherwise would not be able to practice driving. The program aims to encourage young drivers to become safe and confident on the roads, in an effort to reduce the road toll of Victoria.

Apply for the TAC L2P Program

Step 1.Ensure you meet the criteria

Learners need to meet the following criteria to apply for the TAC L2P Program:

  • Be between 16-21-years-old
  • Hold a current learner's permit
  • Live in Glenelg Shire
  • Have no access to a vehicle or a supervising driver

Some applications outside of the criteria may be considered. Please contact the L2P Coordinator for more information.

Step 2.Complete the application form

To participate, learners (or a parent or guardian) must complete the L2P application form.


Need some help? Please contact the L2P Coordinator:
Email: l2p@glenelg.vic.gov.au
Phone: 03 5522 2206

Become an L2P Mentor

The TAC L2P needs mentor drivers to operate, as every learner driver needs to matched with a mentor who will help practice driving. The program provides mentors with the opportunity to assist a young person and help make their community safer.

We provide a full training program for mentors, so you are well prepared for mentoring and understand your role as a supervising driver. Each learner is also prepared with professional lessons before practicing with their mentor.

To be a mentor:

Step 1.Ensure you meet the criteria

Driving mentors need to meet the following criteria:

  • Be over 21-years-old
  • Hold a full and current Victorian drivers license.

Step 2.Complete the application form

Prospective mentors must complete the L2P Mentor Application form.


Any questions? Please contact the L2P Coordinator:
Email: l2p@glenelg.vic.gov.au
Phone: 03 5522 2206