Emergency Markers

Emergency Marker

Emergency Markers look like a street sign with white text on a green background. They are designed to pinpoint your exact location in a public open space or hard to define place.

What are Emergency Markers?

Emergency Markers have a unique alphanumeric code made up of three letters and three numbers. This code is specific to the location, GPS Coordinates and navigational data which assists in the dispatch of emergency services.

Emergency Markers enable the Triple Zero call taker to immediately and accurately verify the location of an emergency in a public open space.

By quoting the information on an Emergency Marker emergency services can arrive more quickly to the scene.

Emergency Markers save time and save lives.

What to do in the event of an emergency

The two most important pieces of information required when calling Triple Zero are:

  1. The location of the emergency (quote the text on the Emergency Marker) and
  2. The nature of the emergency (what is it?).

Emergency Markers aim to improve response times in the event of a triple zero call. They do not eliminate the risk nor will they mitigate the likelihood of an event occuring.