Community Groups and Fundraising Events

If you are a community group, not-for profit body or a person wanting to;

  • Sell food at community markets,
  • Organise fund raising events such as fetes, cake stalls or barbeque.

You will need to ensure you have the information needed to safely, prepare and cook food correctly, store and handle food in the correct manner and understand the correct registrations/permits to apply for.

You need to identify the classification for your event and make sure you understand, and act on, the obligations that relate to it. 

You can contact the Environmental Health team for further information and assistance.

Streatrader - Community Groups and/or Class 4 Food Premises

Temporary or Mobile Food Premises

If you plan to sell your produce from a temporary or mobile food premises, such as market stalls, fetes or mobile food van etc., or you are operating under Class 4 requirements, you are required to register with FoodTrader.

Using Streatrader you are required to register and submit a statement of trade prior to your event.

Community Group – Class 4

This information applies to community groups that:

  • Sell food solely for the purposes of raising funds for charity
  • Are a not-for-profit body
  • Are selling cooked cakes without cream fillings only

Council's Environmental Health Officer may inspect your stall at any time for a spot check to make sure that food is safe, or if any complaints are received.

Cake Stall Regulations – Class 4

Cake stalls selling only cooked cakes that are packed or covered and do not contain fillings made from fresh cream or uncooked eggs are class 4 temporary food premises.

Class 4 premises may use mock cream fillings, as mock cream does not require refrigeration. They may also sell other baked items, such as biscuits or slices.

Cakes with Cream Fillings

If you plan to sell cakes that contain fillings made from fresh cream or mascarpone, or uncooked eggs (such as tiramisu or mousse), you must contact Council for approval. Different safety rules will apply.

Cakes like the ones mentioned above need refrigeration throughout the food handling process – including during preparation, storage and transport – to keep them safe. If they are not handled safely, it may cause food poisoning which may result in serious illness or even death.