Change of Property Details

If you need to update any details relating to your property, you can select the appropriate form for the list below.

Change of Address or Name

Change of Address

When moving or changing to a new billing address, update your address easily by completing the Change of Address or Name form. 

This form can be used to update address details relating to Rates, Animal Registrations, other council Service e.g Home Care, Mooring Fees etc.

To complete the  Change of Address or Name form, you may need the following information.

  •  Change of Address for Rates Notice - Please provide your “Rates Assessment Number”.  You can find this on your Rates notice.  
  • Home Care or Mooring - Please provide your Debtor or Customer Number.  
  • Animal Registration - Please provide your Animal Record/Tag number. 
  • Power of Attorney/Executor - If you are submitting this form in your capacity as a Power Of Attorney or Executive Of Estate, a copy of the Power Of Attorney or Will documents must be uploaded with the form.
  • Change of Name - You must provide evidence of your Name Change e.g a Marriage/Divorce Certificate or Drivers Licence.   You will need to upload a copy of the documentation with your form.

Change of Ownership

When ownership of a property changes, liability for payment of rates remains with the owner recorded with Council.  

To change ownership Council requires a 'Notice of Acquisition of an Interest in Land' to be lodged. Download the latest 'Notice of Acquisition of an Interest in Land' Form at the State Revenue Office website.    

Change to Service of Rate Notice

You can nominate your tenant or alternate person/company as the Ratepayer (i.e. as the recipient of the rate notice).   

Please note: All owners recorded on the Rate and Valuation Notice MUST sign this form.  

To request a change to the Rates notice, please download and complete the Service for Request of Rate Notice form and return to the Glenelg Shire Council.   

Request for Reclassification of Property to Primary Production

To request assessment of eligibility for a reclassification of property rating code to Primary Production Land, you will need to meet all the criteria relating to Primary Production.   

For more information, review and complete the Request for Reclassification Form.   Once complete, please return the form to the Glenelg Shire Council.  

Rural Road Number and Locality Request

To the assignment of a Rural Road Number (Street/Road Number)  will need to provide details as per the form and submit to Glenelg Shire Council for review.   

For more information, review and complete the Rural Road Number and Locality Name Request.   Once complete, please return the form to the Glenelg Shire Council.  

If you need assistance with the completion of these forms or accessing reference numbers, please contact our customer service team on 1300 453 635.