Optional Rural Kerbside Collection Service

Council is offering a kerbside waste and recyclables collection service to owners of properties that are on or near a number of designated roads through the Shire.

Options include: 

  • 120L waste bin collected weekly
  • 240L recycling bin collected fortnightly

Bins must be delivered to, and collected from the designated road.

Why rural kerbside collection?

Glenelg's rural waste collection service offers a handful of benefits. It helps to minimise the number of trips to your local landfill and/or waste transfer station. It also maximises the amount of recyclable materials, a plus to the environment.

Designated Areas

Designated areas

The following sections of roads are designated optional waste collection routes:

  • Bridgewater Road, between Portland and Cape Bridgewater.
  • Bridgewater Lakes Road, between Bridgewater Road and Heath Road.
  • Heath Road, from end of Bridgewater Lakes Road to Portland-Nelson Road.
  • Portland-Nelson Road, between Portland and Nelson.
  • Winnap-Nelson Road, between Princes Highway and Portland-Nelson Road.
  • Princes Highway, between Dartmoor and Heywood.
  • Portland-Casterton Road, between Casterton and the Princes Highway.
  • Princes Highway and Henty Highway, between Heywood and Portland.
  • Princes Highway, between Portland and Tyrendarra.
  • Dutton Way Road, between Portland and Dutton Way.
  • Tyrendarra-Ettrick Road, Condah-Ettrick Road and Condah Macarthur Road, between Tyrendarra and Condah.
  • Henty Highway, between Condah and Heywood.
  • Cape Nelson Road in Portland, between Madeira Packet Rd and Cape Nelson Lighthouse.

Optional Rural Kerbside Waste Collection Fees

The optional rural kerbside collection service will incur fees above the standard Council Rates.

The 2022/2023 annual kerbside garbage charges are:

  • $176.70 (inc GST) per waste bin, and
  • $115.00 (inc GST) per recycle bin


Submit a Request

Step 1.Complete the Form

To request a new service, new or replacement bin or to withdraw from an existing service, you will need to complete the Waste and Recycling Kerbside Collection Form.


Step 2.What should you include? 

Property Details
You will need to include your address details and your Council Property Number (as detailed on the rates notice).

Only authorised persons ie the property owner or i.e. business owner, can authorise the request. 


If you would like further information, please contact the Glenelg Shire Council Waste Management Team on 1300 453 635 (1300 GLENELG).

The Process

Step 1.Review of the Request

A Council officer will review your request and contact you if additional information is required.  

Step 2.Outcome

We will action your request and send you an email confirmation, which will detail the outcome of your request and if relevant delivery and/or collection timelines. 
If your request meets the eligibility criteria and is within the designated area, the collection contractor will:
  • Deliver bin(s) to your property
  • Assist residents with bin placement where necessary
  • Leave the empty bin(s) in the desired collection position


If you would like further information, please contact the Glenelg Shire Council Waste Management Team on 1300 453 635 (1300 GLENELG).