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Glenelg Shire Council has many ongoing projects, initiatives and priorities that will affect the future of the Shire. As members of our community, your input and direction is invaluable.

Your Say Glenelg is the Council's online community engagement hub, where you can provide feedback and direction and we can respond directly to any questions or comments you have.

As a registered member, you will have full access to the engagement hub and the range of feedback tools available. You can also set your preferences to receive updates about your areas of interest. Your Say Glenelg will also let you know about local meetings and workshops happening in your area.

Join the conversation and have Your Say, Glenelg!

How do I register?

Register today to help us improve Glenelg now and in the future!

Step 1.Visit Your Say Glenelg

To get started, go to the Your Say Glenelg homepage.

Step 2.Select “Register”

The register link is in the top-right corner of the Your Say Glenelg homepage.

Step 3.Fill out the registration form

Ensure all fields marked with an *asterix are completed as these are mandatory fields.

Step 4.Read the Terms of Use and the Council's Privacy Policy

Please read through the Terms of Use and Council's Privacy Policy for using our engagement site.

Step 5.Submit the registration form 

Hit the button marked “Register”.

Step 6.Verify your account 

Check your email account to see if you have received the verification email and then click the link to verify your account. If you haven't received the email after a while, check your spam folder or send us an email to

Congratulations, you are now ready to login and provide us with your feedback.

Forgot password or username?

Have you forgotten your password or username? We've tried to make the retrieval process as simple as possible.

Step 1.Select "Sign in"

On the Your Say Glenelg homepage, click the "Sign in" link in the top-right corner.

Step 2.Select "Forgot password?"

The "Forgot password?" link is under the "Sign in" button.

Step 3.Enter your email address

Type your email address into the field provided and you will receive an email from us with your username and a reset password link.

Step 4.Enter a new password

Sign in with your username and a new password.

Registered users ensure that we can get the most reliable information about our community. With this information we can target feedback from specific groups, and make more informed decisions for the Council's future.

Some benefits include:

  • Become a co-owner of the communication process
  • Help us develop specific information about community groups. This information help us tailor recommendations to Council that are more strategic and effective for what you want
  • Improvement to the analysis of information and how it relates to similar projects
  • Easy recognition of differing opinions from community groups. For example, residents and business owners may have different priorities.
  • Receive targeted information on areas of interest, rather than general communication – no more clogged inboxes!

As a registered user, you can:

  • Stay updated on the projects, initiatives and activities that you're interested in
  • Take part in discussion forums by leaving comments. You will also be notified when other community members comment
  • Receive details on engagement activities that specifically relate to your areas of interest
  • Share your stories via the Guest Book
  • Receive monthly emails updating you about current consultations
  • Fill out the quick poll
  • Give your demographics information only once and that's it!

Some of the registration fields are mandatory and some are optional. The mandatory fields are marked with an *asterisk.

  • Email: your email address is used to verify that you're a genuine user and keep you updated about consultations that you're interested in.
  • Demographics: information such as suburb and age can be used to identify people for specific engagement projects, such as feedback for residents of Casterton. Demographics information will also help us understand contrasting opinions from different community groups.
  • Screen Name: this is your username and will appear on any online feedback you give. If you feel more comfortable retaining your anonymity, choose a unique screen name that will not identify you.
  • Password: select a password that only you will know. We recommend using a mixture of upper case, lower case and numbers for a more secure password.

Although the registration process involves some optional questions, remember that the more information you give us the more we can communicate effectively with you.

There are a few reasons this may have happened:

  • The email may have gone into your "spam email" folder. Check there first.
  • Your email service provider may have a robust firewall that is blocking the activation email. Contact your service provider.
  • You may have mistyped your email address – it's easy to inadvertently use a comma instead of a full stop if you're in a rush. An accidental full stop or underscore can make all the difference in the world.

There are a couple of possibilities:

  • Someone else in your family may have used your email address to establish an account
  • You may have already registered and forgotten. If you think this may be the case, see above for instructions on how to change your password

Yes, but we still recommend registering to stay up-to-date with our consultations.

All of our customer service centres have hardcopy consultation packs available, which contain the same information and similar tools as Your Say Glenelg.

Additionally, open consultations often use a variety of tools to gather information, such as workshops, interviews and meetings. You can find more details on each individual consultation page.

Have any other questions? 

If you need any further assistance regarding the Your Say Glenelg site or our registration process, feel free to email us at or contact the Glenelg Shire Council on 1300 453 635 during business hours.