Dog and Cat Registration

Owning a pet is a wonderful experience, but it is also a big responsibility. Registering your pet is the best way to keep pets happy and safe, and ensure that they are returned to you if they get lost.

All cats and dogs must be registered with Council at three months old and are required to wear registration tags while not on their owner's premises. Owners will also need to inform Council of any changes to their, or their pet's, details. 

Register your Pet

Step 1.Microchip Your pet

All pets must be microchipped prior to being registered. Contact your local veterinarian to get started.

Step 2.Prepare Your Documents

You will need to bring copies of all documents pertaining to your pet's registration, such as proof of microchipping, training and desexing.

Step 3.Complete the Registration Form

Download and complete the Registration of Domestic Animal(s) Application(PDF, 266KB).

Step 4.Submit Your Application

Bring your documentation and application to one of our Customer Service Centres to apply and pay for your registration.

Registration Fees

The registration fees listed below are effective from 11 October 2022 until 31 December 2022. Holders of eligible pension and healthcare cards are entitled to a 50% discount off the listed fees, with a minimum fee of $13.00 charged for the reduced fee categories, but you must provide proof before the discount can be applied.

From 1 January 2023, the fees change back to full fee. This is because new animals registered from October only paid 50% of the registration fee as the registration only last for 6 months (registrations are due annually in April).

Registrations made from January will give the owner more than 12 months of registration, so a full fee applies.

  2022 Fees  2023 Fees
Full Fee  $55.25  $110.50
Desexed $17.75  $35.50
Full Fee (Concession applied) $27.60  $55.25
Reduced Fee (Refer to Registration form) $17.75  $35.50
Reduced Fee (Concession) $13.00  $17.75
Declared Dangerous or Restricted Breed $171.30  $171.30
Declared Menacing $137.20  $137.20