Whale season hits Portland

Published on 19 May 2023

Allen McCauley whale photo 2023

Whale watching season has started early in Portland with an impressive display, with multiple sightings of marine visitors exploring the Portland coastline since early May.

Southern Right, Humpback and Blue whales have been sighted in and around Portland, with the latest whale spotted only this week off Hanlon Parade.

The sightings, which was shared across the Glenelg Shire Council’s Whalemail Facebook page, have generated much excitement from the general public with posts reaching nearly 20,000 people.

Glenelg Shire Mayor Cr Scott Martin said Portland was living up to its profile as a whale watching capital of Victoria.

“From May until September, Portland’s spectacular coastline is prime territory for whale spotting. This includes humpback whales, southern right whales, blue whales and even orcas as they make their annual journey to give birth and raise their calves in Australia's warmer waters,” he explained.

“More than 120 whales, including Humpback, Southern Right and Blue, were sighted off the coasts of Portland, Narrawong, Cape Nelson and Cape Bridgewater in 2022, providing yet another strong and consistent year of visitation.

“Just like clockwork it is early May and the first of our marine visitors have made their way to our region. It is a promising sign that we will experience yet another busy and exciting season of whale sightings.

“There are plenty of unique vantage points in Portland to catch a glimpse of these creatures in action – whether that be our purpose-built viewing platforms, clifftops along the coast or even from our Town Jetty. The whales have a way of surprising us by coming closer and closer to the water’s edge.

“I look forward to seeing locals, and welcoming a steady influx of visitors, as keen whale-watchers put their spotting skills to the test over the coming months.”

Whale watchers can register for instant whale sightings via the Whalemail webpage on the I am Portland tourism website.

Whale sightings are also shared via social media on the Whalemail Facebook page. The Portland Visitor Information Centre will also fly a yellow flag every time a whale sighting is reported.

For further information on whale sightings in Portland, including the best locations for viewing, visit https://iamportland.com.au/explore/whale-watching

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