Apply for a Permit

Standard and VicSmart planning permit applications can be applied for using our new online portal. Payment can be made securely online without the need to visit us in person, and the portal also provides a live update of the application status. You can find the link to the portal on the right.


Please note that subdivision applications cannot be submitted using the online portal.

Prior to lodging a planning application, applicants should consider the minimum standards of information required by Council.


Minimum Standards

Step 1.Application Form or VicSmart Form

See the link to the forms on the right and the section below for more details on VicSmart.

Step 2.Current and full copy of title (including title plan) 

With any details of any Agreements, Restrictive Covenants, Caveats or other restrictions on the title. NOTE: This title must have been searched within the three (3) months prior to submitting the application. Refer to the section on the right for more information on obtaining a title.

Step 3.Payment of the Appropriate Fee

You can review the fees here(PDF, 426KB)

Step 4.Do you need a Cultural Heritage Management Plan (CHMP)?

Prior to gaining a planning permit, you must find out if a Cultural Heritage Management Plan (CHMP) is required under the Aboriginal Heritage Regulations 2018.  You can complete a CHMP self-assessment at

Please provide a Cultural Heritage Management Plan Form(PDF, 169KB) completed and signed where the land is shown as fully or partially affected by an area of Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Sensitivity shown on a planning property report.

For detailed proposals include a covering letter/submission detailing what is proposed and any relevant history of the site.

For more information visit the First Peoples Relations Cultural Heritage Management Plans website.

Step 5.A copy of your Bushfire Management Statement

Where applicable if the site is under a Bushfire Management Overlay.

Step 6.A copy of clear and properly drafted Site Layout and Elevation Plans

Generally at a scale of 1:100 or 1:200. For larger sites a scale of 1:500 may be appropriate. All measurements should be in metres or millimetres.

Step 7.Completed Planning Permit Applications can be submitted to Council:



NOTE: by submitting your application by email you consent to receiving correspondence relating to the application via email. Documents relating to the application will be forwarded to the email address provided on the application form.


By Mail
Glenelg Shire Council
PO Box 152
Portland VIC 3305


In Person
At the Portland, Casterton & Heywood Customer Service Centres.


VicSmart Planning Permit Application

The VicSmart system streamlines the planning process for straightforward planning permit applications. Some applications will qualify as a Vicsmart application(PDF, 359KB)  under the Glenelg Planning Scheme.


Please check with Council’s Planning Department prior to lodging to confirm eligibility of a Vicsmart application.


The Planning Scheme identifies applications that meet specific requirements as VicSmart. These applications go through a simplified assessment and decision processes.

Key features of the VicSmart process include:
  • Predetermined required information at submission of an application;
  • If the application requires referral to a referral authority under Clause 66, the referral requirements in Clause 71.06-2 are met.
  • Exemption from advertising; and
  • A 10 working day permit process.