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Health and Wellbeing Plan

Council prepares a new Health and Wellbeing Plan after each election. Councillors were elected in October 2016 and have until 30 October 2017 to adopt a new Health and Wellbeing Plan for the next 4 years. The plan will be made up of themes (broad areas of interest and importance), objectives (what we want to achieve) and strategies (how we will achieve them), which will drive the direction of Council over the 4 years. In simple terms, the direction helps Council to decide where it will invest its time and resources.

People of the Glenelg Shire had the opportunity to raise issues they care about and contribute ideas for Council to consider during February and early March, through a series of workshops, activities, and our Your Say Glenelg page. The response was outstanding. We have collated all of the feedback we've received so far, including surveys, forum comments, email, meetings, community workshops and good old fashioned conversations, which has informed our direction for the next four years.

The draft plan was available for comment during September, and can still be found online both on this page (below) and (Your Say Glenelg. We are currently incorporating suggestions into a final draft, which will proceed to the Ordinary Council Meeting on Tuesday 24 October 2017 for adoption.

The draft Health and Wellbeing Plan 2017-21 can be found here:
Draft Glenelg Shire Health and Wellbeing Plan 2017-21.

Our current Health and Wellbeing Plan can be found here:
Glenelg Shire Health and Wellbeing Plan 2013-2017

This project will be undertaken in accordance with the provisions of the Public Health and Wellbeing Act 2008.

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