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MEDIA RELEASE - L2P program continues to help drive success

29 September 2018

The Glenelg L2P Learner Driver Mentor Program is continuing to celebrate success, both on and off the road, with a former participant praising the program and its role in helping forge career pathways.

Hannah Bunney, a former Glenelg L2P participant, has directly attributed the driving mentoring program in helping her to develop skills such as independence, confidence and resilience, attributes which are essential in her current traineeship with VicRoads.

“When I think back to 2014 when I started the L2P Program, I was struggling to reach the required driving practice and the prospect of attaining my probationary licence when I turned 18 seemed just unrealistic and unachievable,” said Hannah.

“Now four years later, I can reflect on just how much participating in the program made an impact on my life. Through the weekly driving lessons with my mentor not only did I reach the 120 hours of practice, I also learned how to negotiate, multitask, set personal goals and learn from my mistakes.

“By the time I reached my mandatory driving hours I was well prepared, both emotionally and mentally, to sit my probationary driving test and undertake solo driving.

“Without this mentoring experience, I would never have been able realise my personal potential and consider pursuing employment opportunities with organisations such as VicRoads. I could not recommend the program highly enough.”

Glenelg L2P Program Coordinator Rachel Brough said it was fantastic to see the success of the program continue well beyond the mentoring period.

“Hannah is a prime example of the longevity of the L2P program and the numerous benefits it provides for our shire’s young drivers,” said Mrs Brough.

“Thanks to L2P, local youth do not have to delay the important process of gaining their learner driver licence once they turn 16, with barriers such as access to a car or regular driving practice removed.

“I encourage any young drivers in the Glenelg Shire who are struggling to achieve the mandatory driving hours to consider applying for the program. Just like Hannah, the program may even just set you up for your career break.”

The Glenelg L2P Learner Driver Mentor Program is delivered by council in partnership with VicRoads through TAC funding. The program provides eligible learner drivers aged 16 and under 21 years of age with the opportunity to gain driving practice and reach the mandatory 120 hours of driving with volunteer mentors.

The program is currently available in Portland, Heywood and Casterton.

To learn more, or to submit an application, visit the Your Say Glenelg website at or contact L2P program coordinator Rachel Brough on 0466 149 341.

Community members who are interested in volunteering an hour a week to become a driving mentor are also encouraged to submit an application via the Your Say Glenelg website or by contacting L2P program coordinator Rachel Brough on 0466 149 341. A mentor training session is planned during November.

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