26 January 2024 grants

The aim of these grants is to provide funding for community-run events on 26 January 2024.

Glenelg Shire Council is offering community groups the chance to organise their own 26 January events in their towns.

While Council in August 2023 made the decision not to host annual events (including awards) in Portland or Casterton or citizenship ceremonies on the day, it also resolved to continue to support community-run events.

That meant events in Heywood, Merino and Nelson would continue to receive funding - $1,000 for Heywood and $400 for Merino and Nelson.

Council resolved at the November 2023 meeting to provide funding for those events but also for new community-run events, subject to the approval of the Chief Executive Officer, of $1,000 for Casterton, $400 for Dartmoor and $2,000 for Portland.

This will be a pilot program that will be reviewed with community group feedback from January 2024 and a report prepared for Council on what future arrangements might be for 2025.

Any groups wanting to apply for these grants for events in Casterton, Dartmoor or Portland should contact Jasper Smith, Executive Assistant Community Services, at JTSmith@glenelg.vic.gov.au or phone 03 5522 2361.