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Casterton Structure Plan

With the launch of Council’s new engagement platform ‘Your Say Glenelg’, the Casterton Structure Plan has a new webpage providing all the below information plus more. The website is designed to facilitate greater community engagement and will be used for this project at various consultation stages.

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Project overview:

Preparation of the Casterton Structure Plan commenced in March 2017.

The purpose of the Structure Plan is to coordinate land use, urban design and development planning for the town centre and surrounding residential and agricultural land. To achieve this, the plan provides the strategic basis for public realm improvements, planning scheme directions (zones and overlays) and other non-statutory objectives and actions.

The Structure Plan was conducted over five stages. Casterton residents, landowners and stakeholders have participated in the development and review of the plan. Survey forms were distributed to gather feedback as the study progressed. ‘My place’ consultation sessions were held in May and November 2017.

The draft plan was exhibited in December 2017. An addendum to the final report has been added in August 2018.

Final Structure Plan

The Casterton Structure Plan was adopted at the February 2018 Ordinary Council Meeting.

The plan provides a strategic framework to support appropriate growth and development in Casterton. It sets out a suite of themed directions focused on six areas:

• Land use
• Streetscape and Urban Design
• Housing
• Recreation and Open Space
• Movement Network
• Tourism Infrastructure

The key strategic directions of the plan include:
• Urban Design Guidelines for the town centre and Jackson / McPherson Street precinct to direct future development & streetscape improvements
• Design concept for a ‘village square’ to activate the former railway precinct
• Improved pedestrian links and movement networks
• An enhanced Kelpie Trail experience
• Preconditions for industrial land expansion and heavy vehicle service centre
• Promoting infill development and compact housing in appropriate locations
• Local policy content for insertion into the Glenelg Planning Scheme to inform future development planning through new zones (MUZ, UFZ) and an overlay (DDO).

Click here for a link to the final Casterton Structure Plan.
Click here for a link to the Addendum Report

Further Information

For more information, please contact:
Name: Kelly Wynne
Title: Strategic Planner, Glenelg Shire Council
Phone: (03) 5522 2187.
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