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MEDIA RELEASE - Portland hosts youth media workshops

6 July 2018

The next generation of budding broadcasters and filmmakers have learnt the tricks of the trade from a premier youth media organisation as part of a series of workshops held in the Glenelg Shire this week.

Melbourne based media outlet SYN Media visited Portland on 5 and 6 July to offer free workshops on radio presenting and filmmaking for interested youth, providing hands-on training, equipment and expert guidance.

SYN acting education and training manager Josh Martin said the sessions were part of the organisation’s focus to reach regional communities.

“SYN has identified in its research that regional youth face significant disadvantages to their city based counterparts in terms of accessing quality training for radio, photography and filmmaking. As a result, we’ve reached out to a number regional councils and organisations to offer training opportunities and help break down the barriers of disadvantage,” he said.

“Over the past two days workshop participants have built upon their public speaking and presenting skills, learnt how to operate professional equipment and how to edit video in an accessible way, such as through mobile phone technology.

“At its core, the sessions aim to provide creative control - we believe young people should be creators, not just consumers of media. I hope that we have helped nurture a future radio presenter or filmmaker as a result of this week’s workshops.”

Filmmaking workshop participant Eamon Drew said the training had been invaluable.

“I’ve really enjoyed all aspects of the session and I’ve come away feeling more confident in my movie making abilities,” he said.

“I’ve learnt how to take photos on DSLR cameras, a camera which I’ve never use before, and how to best shoot video, including the best video editing apps. It’s been a really great experience.”

SYN provides broadcasting and training opportunities for young people across Australia. Media learning is SYN’s central business and the organisation works with 4000 school students and various community groups to offer training through innovative peer-to-peer programs.

For further information on SYN please visit their website at

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