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What does being in the Heritage Overlay mean?

The primary purpose of the Heritage Overlay is to protect the heritage significance of a building, place or area.

The Heritage Overlay aims to:

  • conserve and enhance places of natural or cultural significance
  • conserve and enhance those elements which contribute to the significance of heritage places
  • ensure that development does not adversley affect the significance of heritage places
  • conserve specifically identified places by allowing a use that would otherwise be prohibited if this will demonstratebly assist with the conservation of the significance of the place

A Planning Permit is required to:

  • subdivide or consolidate land
  • demolish or remove a building (including part of a building)
  • construct a building (including part of a building)
  • externally alter a building
  • construct or carry out works
  • construct or display a sign
  • externally paint an unpainted surface; and
  • externally paint a building if the painting constitutes an advertisement

In some instances, other external paint controls, internal alteration controls and tree controls may also apply. The Schedule to the Heritage Overlay will identify whether these additional controls apply. There may also be other overlays that apply.

Property owners and developers are strongly encouraged to discuss proposals with Council's Heritage Advisor, by contacting the Planning Unit on (03) 5522 2187 prior to committing to a project.

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