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Welcome to the Glenelg Shire Council

Building Services

The Glenelg Shire Council provides Building Services such as issuing building permits, occupancy permits, final inspection certificates, carrying out mandatory building inspections, contract building inspections, enforcement (Building Notices & Orders), essential safety measure inspections, place of public entertainment occupancy permits, and technical advice in accordance with the Building Regulations, Building Act 1993 and Building Code of Australia.

Building Services Staff

Don Sherwell, Municipal Building Surveyor BSU 1413
Monday, Tuesday and Wednesdays Telephone 03 5522 2216

Ross Jarrad, Building Inspector INU 1527
Portland Office Tuesday, Thursday and Fridays
Casterton Office by appointment Telephone 03 5522 2216

Administration Officer
Telephone 03 5522 2216

Email for all Building Services Staff

Changes to the payment of Government Levy

There have been changes to the process of issuing of Building Permits and collection of the Government Levy. All building permits issued within Victoria will have numbers issued by the Victorian Building Authority.

Due to the new permit processing Council will no longer be collecting the government levy as part of the building permit application process.

To ensure that your building permit is processed quickly all documentation should be lodged at the time of submitting your building permit application. This will enable Council to lodge your application details with the Victorian Building Authority (VBA).

The VBA will then forward an invoice for payment of the government levy to the nominated entity (owner/builder/ applicant if different to owner). Once the levy has been paid the VBA will forward the allocated permit number to Council for issuing all permit documentation relevant to the application.

Any delays in payment of the Government levy or submission of all relevant documentation will impact the issuing time of the permit from Council as Council can’t issue a permit until the permit number is received from the VBA.

For more information please click here to read the VBA Fact sheet.

Do you require a Planning and a Building Permit?
Planning and Building Permits are different permits and have different purposes. A Planning Permit may not always be needed where a building permit is generally always required when constructing, altering, extending or demolishing a building.

A Planning Permit is for the development and use of the property and any construction. A Building Permit looks at and assesses the structural component of the construction.

It is highly recommended that you contact both the Building and Planning departments prior to commencing any building works to ensure that you get the correct information about whether a permit is required or not, do not rely on friends, family or neighbours for this advice.

Building Department Ph: 03 5522 2216 Email:
Planning Department Ph: 03 5522 2187 Email:

If a Planning is required, the Planning Permit has to be issued before the building permit can be issued. Applications for both Planning and Building permits can be applied for at the same time and assessed concurrently.

Asbestos is a fibrous material that has been used in the building industry over many years. The use of this material has now stopped and its removal is often required during development or renovation work.

Council does not have the power to investigate or enforce any breaches of legislation regarding the removal and disposal of asbestos. There are government bodies that do control these matters and they are EPA (Environment Pollution Authority) Victoria and Victorian WorkCover Authority (WorkSafe).

EPA Victoria
EPA Victoria has produced a document regarding the transport and disposal of waste asbestos. This document outlines the method and procedures for transporting and disposal of asbestos. They also control and list the licensed premises to accept waste asbestos.

WorkCover handles the registration of approved people to transport and dispose of waste asbestos. They also control the working conditions for building sites while asbestos is being removed from a building and the site. This is mainly to deal with Occupation Health and Safety (OHS).

See the link below Asbestos - A guide for householders and the general public for more helpful information about Asbestos.

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