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MEDIA RELEASE - Buffer to Portland Landfill Site

16 October 2017

The proposed amendment to the Glenelg Planning Scheme will introduce a buffer over land within 500 metres of Portland’s landfill site in the form of an Environmental Significance Overlay (ESO).

Glenelg Shire Council CEO Greg Burgoyne said the Environment Protection Authority licence for the landfill required council to appoint an independent auditor to undertake periodic environmental audits of the site.

“The amendment process to introduce a buffer to the landfill has been initiated at the recommendation of an environmental audit in May last year,” Mr Burgoyne said.

The audit report identified risks to development occurring within 500 metres of the landfill.

Mr Burgoyne said this did not mean that developments were not allowed to proceed.

Glenelg Shire Council Acting Director Corporate Services David Hod said the use of the ESO is the appropriate mechanism for the buffer to the landfill site.

“This will ensure development within 500 meters of the landfill effectively manages impacts of potential migration of contaminates,” Hol said.

The amendment will require a planning permit for works and development in this area to ensure that contamination issues associated with the landfill site can be appropriately managed.

The overlay will not prevent development or affect the existing use of land within the proposed buffer area, but will provide an avenue to review development, such as underground works to ensure safety of the proposal.

“It is a mechanism to assess any migration issues from the landfill,” Mr Burgoyne said.

“Existing residential developments will largely not be impacted as the focus will be on new structures such as a cellar or extensions.”

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