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C95 – Casterton Structure Plan

What the Amendment does

The Glenelg Shire Council has prepared Amendment C95 to the Glenelg Planning Scheme.

The amendment proposes to implement the recommendations of the Casterton Structure Plan 2018 and Addendum Report 2018.

The amendment provides strategic direction for land use, development, environmental management and public realm improvements for Casterton. This includes:

  • Supporting the role of Casterton as a freight and logistics centre.
  • Encouraging land uses that support Casterton’s economic, heritage, civic and community roles, commercial prosperity and community needs.
  • Encouraging an active and vibrant town centre with increased pedestrian movement and surveillance.
  • Creating opportunities for economic growth in Casterton.
  • Promoting the image of Casterton which reflects the area’s history, heritage and relationship to the Glenelg River.
  • Ensuring new development is of high-quality, enhances local character and contributes to the image of Casterton.
  • Encouraging housing diversity in accessible locations, including housing that accommodates the needs of the ageing population.
  • Encouraging the use of the land south of Henty Street and between the railway reserve and the Glenelg River, for mixed use purposes and by incorporating a greater mix of community uses and medium density housing opportunities.
  • Rezoning the C2Z land to the east of the Glenelg River and vacant parcels of GR1Z land to the north of Addison Street to more appropriately manage the land, which is subject to regular flood inundation.
  • Utilising the IN1Z to better reflect the existing and future uses of the site at CA 26A Parish of Casterton and the proposed surrounding land uses.
  • Updating the Glenelg Shire Local Floodplain Development Plan.
  • Background to the Casterton Structure Plan

    Council commenced the preparation of a Structure Plan for Casterton in March 2017.

    The purpose of the Structure Plan is to coordinate land use, urban design and development planning for the town centre and surrounding residential and agricultural land. To achieve this, the plan provides the strategic basis for public realm improvements, planning scheme directions (zones and overlays) and other non-statutory objectives and actions.

    The Structure Plan was conducted over five stages. Casterton residents, landowners and stakeholders have participated in the development and review of the plan.

    Survey forms were distributed to gather feedback as the study progressed. ‘My place’ consultation sessions were held in May and November 2017.

    The draft plan was exhibited in December 2017, with feedback received in support of the plan and its recommendations.

    The final Casterton Structure Plan report was adopted in February 2018.

    An Addendum Report to the Casterton Structure Plan was prepared in August 2018 in response to feedback received from the Glenelg Hopkins Catchment Management Authority (GHCMA), relating to underdeveloped residential zoned land in the Glenelg River floodplain.

    The report recommends the rezoning of undeveloped land subject to high-hazard flooding from General Residential 1 Zone to the Farming Zone.

    The Addendum Report was adopted in September 2018.

    Land affected by the Amendment

    Amendment C95 applies to the Casterton town centre, as well as the following sites proposed to be rezoned:

  • Existing Commercial 2 zoned land to the east of the Glenelg River;
  • Residential zoned land generally bound between Henty Street, the railway reserve and the Glenelg River;
  • Residential zoned land north of Kirby Street and generally bounded by Casterton – Apsley Road and Island Park Reserve;
  • Residential zoned land north of Addison Street and generally bounded by Hutton and Kirby Streets;
  • CA 26A Parish of Casterton, on the corner of the Glenelg Highway and Portland-Casterton Road.
  • Further information

    For further enquiries about this amendment please contact:

    Kelly Wynne in the Planning Unit on 03 5522 2187 or via email .

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