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MEDIA RELEASE - It's game on as Casterton vows to break Kelpie record

21 May 2019

Its game on for the Casterton Kelpie Association this June long weekend as it prepares to set a new world record for the price of a Kelpie working dog.

The iconic weekend long festival recorded a world record price for the sale of a Kelpie in 2018, reaching an impressive $22,200 and attracting worldwide media attention.

However the benchmark was broken earlier this year when a three and a half year old bitch bred by Eveready Kelpies of Woodstock sold at a Jerilderie auction for a staggering $25,000.

“It is game on,” Casterton Kelpie Association president Karen Stephens declared this week.

“Our committee is looking to break this record this June long weekend as we attract some of Australia’s top Kelpie breeders.

“The sale of Glencairn Seven, owned by Christian Peacock of Waterloo, was a game changer last year. People understand these dogs are not just a purchase, this is an important investment in your business and livelihood and farmers are willing to pay top price, and travel from far and wide from across Australia, to get their hands on the best dog.

“We all know the Kelpie can do the work of seven men providing efficiency and cost savings to producers, but most importantly they are a beautiful companion there to serve you and your family.”

Sunday’s Australian Working Dog Auction at Island Park is expected to attract more than 50 vendors with dogs showcasing their talents in the pen before being placed up for auction.

This is followed on Monday by a Working Dog Training School, with some of the country’s best trainers sharing their best tips.
It is the Saturday festivities which stop traffic with the street closed off as Kelpie owners show-off their dogs unique abilities in a series of endurance and skill tests, with city based Kelpie dogs taking on their country farming cousins.

Among the attractions is the Kelpie Hill Climb, an action packed race up Casterton’s iconic Blueberry Hill racing around the Fleur de Lee, or the Stockmans Challenge which includes an obstacle course for horse, rider and kelpie to achieve.

For those looking for speed the Kelpie Dash, a 50 metre sprint in the town’s main street is a challenge whilst Kelpie Pinball tests the dogs patience as it guides Indian Runner Ducks through an obstacle course.

The Kelpie High Jump is always a crowd pleaser with dogs this year vying to beat the world record of 2.951 metres jumped by Bailey owned by Tegan Eagle in 2016.

For those looking for a test of endurance there is the Kelpie Triathlon which includes three events, the Kelpie Dash, Kelpie High Jump and Kelpie Hill Club.

Mrs Stephens said each year more than 10,000 people booked out the town to enjoy the unique showcase of events, music, food, wine and festivities.

“The Australian Kelpie Muster is unlike anything else in Australia. Our town comes to a standstill to celebrate this iconic and much-loved working dog which was born here and has assisted to completely transform Australian agriculture,” she said.

“We are now celebrating this story year-round with the opening of our Australian Kelpie Centre which includes a static display featuring the people and places which have been involved in the Kelpie story. Since opening last year it has broken Glenelg Shire Council’s visitor figures and shows no sign of slowing.

“Videos from last year’s event have attracted more than 100,000 views on social media attracting a new global audience wanting to learn more about this dog. We are extremely excited about what this year’s event will bring and we look forward to seeing you all there.”

To learn more about the Australian Kelpie Muster visit the website or the Facebook page.

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