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MEDIA RELEASE - Saleyards remain a premier selling facility

6 May 2018

The Casterton Saleyards has retained its status as one of the region’s premier selling facilities following a glowing audit report.

The results of a recent National Saleyard Quality Assurance Audit (NSQA) have shown that the saleyards have exceeded in all areas of operation, including quality, stock handling, security and occupational health and safety.

Casterton Saleyards Operations Manager Jason Gorman said the report would bring further confidence for south west farmers utilising the facilities.

“Whilst over 100 facilities participate in the NSQA program, Casterton is one of just 48 facilities across Australia that has attained full accreditation,” he said.

“The audit report highlighted our ongoing commitment to continuous improvement and the effectiveness of the quality management system we currently have in place. Sellers and buyers across the south west should be assured by the findings of this audit that Casterton is one of the top accredited selling facilities across the region.”

Mr Gorman also noted the saleyard’s competitive pricing, with selling fees up to 38 per cent lower than nearby competitors.

“Not only is Casterton full accredited and compliant, our fees are also much lower than neighbouring yards, meaning sellers and buyers can access the very best facilities at the most affordable rate,” he said.

“The cost of selling cattle at Warrnambool or Mt Gambier Saleyards is almost $5 more per head more than at Casterton, which can equate to quite a significant difference in selling fees.

“For farmers looking to secure a more competitive price for selling their livestock, the Casterton Saleyards is an obvious choice.”

The next scheduled sale is 22 June 2018, providing a final chance to sell or buy for this financial year.

For further information on the Casterton Saleyards please visit

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